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St Nicholas’ is the Parish Church of Arundel. It's home to a warm, friendly and faithful Christian community in the catholic tradition of the Church of England. Nourished by word and sacrament we seek to be faithful disciples of Christ, living and proclaiming his gospel in our daily lives.

You will find details of our regular services on our Worship page.

Built in 1380 on the site of an earlier church, St Nicholas’ is a popular destination for the many visitors to the historic town of Arundel. The church is open daily to visitors and those who seek a quiet place to reflect and pray.

Whether you are coming to St Nicholas’ to marvel at its historic architecture, to find a place of solace and prayer, or to join us in worship, we pray that in this sacred place you will be truly touched by the abundant grace, mercy and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Regular Services


6.30 pm Mass

10.00 am Holy Communion (traditional)

12.00 pm Mass

8.00 am Holy Communion (traditional)
10.00 am Sung Mass

South Stoke

2nd Sunday of the month
9.00 am Mass

4th Sunday of the month
3.00 pm Evensong


Covid-19 Information

St Nicholas' and St Leonard's are open for public worship.

Although face coverings are no longer required by law, worshippers are encouraged to wear one. If you would like to join in the singing, then we respectfully ask you to wear a face covering out of consideration for those around you.

Funerals, baptisms and weddings may go ahead as usual.

Our churches continue to be open for private prayer from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

For details about the help and support available, please see this link.

Quick Links

Sunday Livestream - 5th December
St Nicholas' Patronal Festival

The Sunday Eucharist from St Nicholas'. Clicking the image above will take you to the livestream. A copy of the service sheet is also available to download or view.

The Origins of the Eucharist
3. The New Manna

In the third in our series on the origins of the Eucharist, we reflect on Jesus' words in the light of God's miraculous gift of manna from heaven.

Sunday Readings Commentary

Father Andrew Wadsworth offers a commentary on the Sunday readings.

Visiting Arundel

No visit to Arundel is complete without a visit to the town's ancient parish church

Latest Videos

From Paul to Chalcedon:
9. Guarding Truth

In the early centuries of the Church, threats to orthodoxy meant that Christians had to find ways of guarding the truth revealed in Christ Jesus.

I our last two talks we say that two of the weapons used to guard against false teaching were the formulation of a definitive list of specifically Christian sacred writings and unity with the bishop.

In this final talk in the first part of this series, we look at two more weapons, apostolic succession and the rule of faith.

Finally, we wrap things up by reflecting on the nature and danger of heresy, both in ancient times and our own.

Trinity 8

The Sunday Eucharist live streamed from St Nicholas' on 25th July. Live streaming starts at about 9.50 am.

From Paul to Chalcedon:
8. Leadership

Along with the development of the New Testament, leadership also became one of the weapons the early church used to guard against false teachings.

In this talk we reflect on the development of leadership structures in the first century of the church.

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