The Friends of St Nicholas

St Nicholas ChurchThe Friends of St. Nicholas Church Arundel was established to help preserve this wonderful church. The Friends of St. Nicholas is a registered charity which raises money in order to ensure that the building stays in fine condition for all that worship there and for all the tourists and visitors who come to Arundel, not only now but for generations to come.

The Friends arrange a number of events every year in order to raise money for St. Nicholas Church. All the money that we raise goes towards maintaining and improving the fabric of our wonderful and unique 14th century church. We also encourage links between people both in and outside Arundel who share an interest in and support St. Nicholas Church.

As you can imagine there is an on-going need and much we still have to do but with your generosity and support we will be able to keep on top of the repairs.

By becoming a friend you can make a significant contribution to the preservation of this church. There is no fixed annual subscription but we ask new members to pay a minimum of £25 per year.

You can download a membership form from here: Friends application form. Please send your completed form to the parish office at St Nicholas’ Church, London Road, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9AT.


The 100 Hundred Club

Another way to assist the Friends is by joining the 100 Club.

A Hundred Club is a fundraising device which is based on regular giving from up to 100 people. All monies raised are ring fenced so that the profit from the scheme can only be spent on the fabric of the building.

It works like this: the Club recruits up to 100 people paying £10 per month which will give the church an annual income of £12,000. Each quarter prizes of £50, £100 and £250 are drawn and distributed to the lucky winners. These draws take place at the end of March, June, September and December.

So it operates like the premium bonds but the chances of winning are much, much greater!

The benefit to the Friends of St Nicholas and therefore the church are obvious to see. If we were successful in recruiting 100 members, we would receive £12,000 a year of which £1,600 would be paid out in prize money. The balance of £10,400 per annum would be available to fund the restoration and maintenance of the beautiful church which is St Nicholas. Over a five year period the club would raise £52,000 and distribute prizes of £8,000 to the members.

If you would like to become a member of the 100 Club, you can download a form here: 100 club application form,